Juega Conmigo

Juega Conmigo (Play with Me), is a series of weekly, free, parent-child playtimes for children ages 0-3. The program, which began in the Bachman Lake public library, is designed to foster strong parent-child relationships and children's healthy development through semi-structured play sessions. In this informal environment, bilingual developmental specialists share information and facilitate play and learning activities using toys, music, and movement to promote sensitive, stimulating parent-child interactions and provide important supports for school readiness.

Beginning in August 2015, all five Juega Conmigo program sites started a new semester of classes with a 12-week, enrolled curriculum. Parents and caregivers are asked to commit to the semester-long program of playful-learning. This restructuring will allow parents more opportunities to practice new skills with their children, and allow program evaluators to get a better sense of the benefits Juega Conmigo is providing to local families.

Catch a Glimpse of Juega Conmigo

For more information about the program, contact:

Adriana Villa Baird, M.S.
Office: 972-883-4827
Cellphone: 972-400-0286