Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me)

The Grow With Me (Crece Conmigo) program serves as a resource for the identification and prevention of developmental disorders for children ages 0-5. Grow With Me offers comprehensive developmental screenings in both English and Spanish at various sites in greater Dallas and online.

The screenings, conducted by trained developmental specialists, serve both to identify developmental problems and connect families with needed services and to prevent developmental problems by providing developmental guidance in the course of the screening. The screenings help parents learn more about their child's development and how they can promote their child's healthy development, as well connect them with further assessment and early intervention services when the screening indicates such needs.

To schedule a screening or for more information, contact:

Maria A. Maese, M.S., IMH-E (I)
Office: 972-883-3877, Cell: 214-901-7980