Programs & Resources

The Center is a resource for children and their families by offering: assessments for social and emotional problems, social-skills training and intervention programs for children from birth through adolescence; current information about optimal child development and a place to turn for support, effective strategies and referrals for parents; outreach to local practitioners, lectures and forums on child development for the general public and interdisciplinary analysis of social policy.

The Center currently has:

  • A Resource & Referral Program in English and Spanish to help connect parents and professionals with a variety of local and national resources to address a broad array of concerns about child, adolescent, and family issues.
  • A Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me) Program where parents can bring young children (ages 0-5) showing early delays in physical, cognitive and social development to a developmental screening.
  • Juega Conmigo (Play with Me), a playful learning program for parents and children ages 0-3.
  • A public Lecture Series, offered each spring for parents and professional practitioners and educators, designed to meet continuing education requirements.
  • A Forum on Children and Families, offered annually, which brings together nationally-prominent researchers, educators, practitioners, policy makers, and the general public in a day-long event to address the latest knowledge and treatments of childhood challenges (such as bullying, adolescent risky behavior, eating disorders, and other topics of broad significance).