2018 Spring Lecture Series Juega Conmigo (Play With Me) Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me) Questions About Your Child?

2018 Spring Lecture Series

Save the date for the 2018 Spring Lecture Series on "Building Bridges from Adversity to Resilience." The lectures are free and open to the public...

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Juega Conmigo (Play With Me)

Juega Conmigo is a playful-learning program for children ages 0 - 3 together with their parents...

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Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me)

The Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me) program seeks to identify developmental delays among children ages 0-5...

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Questions About Your Child?

Our Resource and Referral Program offers free consultations and referrals for families, educators and professionals...

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  • Understanding UTD’s Hispanic Graduation Rate

    Understanding UTD’s Hispanic Graduation Rate

    CCF faculty affiliate Dr. Alex Piquero writes in an opinion piece for the Dallas Morning News about the graduation rate for Hispanic students and the need to develop programs and provide resources to students to help keep them in school until graduation...

  • Children at Risk Publishes Parent Action Guide for Children’s Education

    Children at Risk Publishes Parent Action Guide for Children’s Education

    The nonprofit advocacy group Children at Risk recently published a Parent Action Guide, available in English and Spanish, to help Dallas parents be a voice for their child's educational needs...

  • UT Dallas Grad Student Aims to Help Children with Autism in Lebanon

    UT Dallas Grad Student Aims to Help Children with Autism in Lebanon

    UT Dallas graduate student Noura Alameddine of the Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders masters program hopes to use her skills working with children with autism at a hospital in Lebanon upon graduation this December...

  • 2016-2017 Annual Domestic Violence Summary Report Released

    2016-2017 Annual Domestic Violence Summary Report Released

    CCF faculty affiliates Dr. Denise Paquette Boots and Dr. Tim Bray of the Institute for Urban Policy Research at UT Dallas recently released their third annual report on domestic violence incidents in Dallas...


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  • Research of Center Affiliates

  • Close Relationships and Health Lab

    Directed by Dr. Heidi Kane, this lab investigates the basic relationship processes that are associated with relationship functioning and the links between romantic relationships and physical health.

  • Dallas Preschool Readiness Project

    Directed by Dr. Margaret T. Owen, this lab researches self-regulation skills as an important foundation of school readiness.

  • The Think Lab

    Directed by Dr. Candice Mills, this lab studies how children and adults think about the world around them, including how children and adults decide how much to believe the information they encounter, how they evaluate their own knowledge, and how children determine what someone is likely to know.

  • Development of Social Cognition Lab

    Directed by Dr. Noah Sasson, this lab studies different aspects of social cognition, a term that refers to the perceptual and processing abilities that facilitate social interaction.

  • Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition (LiNC) Laboratory

    Directed by Dr. Chandramallika Basak, this lab investigates how and where we remember information over a short period of time, how attention and memory interact and carry on with multiple tasks, and how these cognitive functions change with age and training.

  • The Developmental Neurolinguistics Lab

    Directed by Dr. Mandy Maguire, this lab is focused on understanding how children learn language and how the brain processes language in general.