Stories of Impact

Every day, we get feedback about the impact our programs are having on the lives of those in our community. We offer those stories here.

“This has been an experience with a lot of learning for me and my youngest daughter, who is two years old. I have two daughters, eight years apart, and there are times when I focus more on my eldest daughter and find myself neglecting the younger one. But, I’ve felt a change since we started the program with my little girl. Now, we have our time every day to tell or read a story and play with bubbles. The CCF program staff guided me to specialists so that they can do an assessment with my youngest, because she speaks little compared to other children her age. We will have a full evaluation soon. With the situation we are experiencing right now, we are a bit isolated and tend to do very little with our youngest children. I am very happy to be part of this program because it has helped me a lot with my youngest daughter.”

-Monica Cabanas and Emily (age 2)

“The Play with Me program has been a very important tool in my motherhood. It has given me a space to share experiences with other moms, with the feeling of being a part of a group with a common goal: the well-being of our children. The knowledge and resources the program staff provide us are very useful and practical to apply in my day-to-day life. This is the second time that I have participated in the program, first in-person, and now virtually. In both modalities, the staff have created a very engaging and educational format for children and parents. I am happy to know that there are programs that accompany families in this stage of early childhood, and I am convinced it is the best investment for our families and society.”

-Laura and Luna (age 6), Mariel (age 3) and Elise (age 1)

“My experience in this program has been very positive and important. The talks, the topics, and the advice have helped me a lot with my son: to understand him, be more patient, and to know him more. The program has also helped him a lot. I think that there should be more programs like this because it’s very helpful for parents and children. I thank each one of the people who take the time to make possible such important work.”

- Marisol Márquez and Omar Luna (age 2)