Stories of Impact

Every day, we get feedback about the impact our programs are having on the lives of those in our community. We offer those stories here.

CCF makes a difference in the lives of at-risk children and their parents. When Royalty was 8 months old, she and her mother, Lawanda, joined our Juega Conmigo playful learning program. After a rough start in her first few months of life, Royalty was experiencing extreme separation anxiety and was hesitant to leave her mother's lap or even tolerate a glance in her direction by program facilitators and participants. By the 10th session, Royalty, who had learned to crawl, was only comfortable enough to crawl about a foot away from her mom to retrieve a toy, but would quickly return to her mother's side.

At the end of the 12 week program, the facilitators talked with Lawanda about returning for a second semester of the program. Normally, families participate for just one session but both parties agreed that another 12 weeks would be good for Royalty; Lawanda was very enthusiastic about returning. Royalty turned a year old during the second semester and was learning to stand and walk, but still insisted on Lawanda holding her throughout the hour. About two-thirds of the way through the second semester, Royalty really began to blossom. She began watching the other children play with more interest and would toddle up to 5 feet away from mom, as well as respond to others with brief smiles. By the end of the semester, she expressed excitement at the bubble play and participants heard her laugh out loud for the first time.

As part of her participation in the program, Royalty also received a developmental screening by CCF's developmental specialists and her mom received information on tracking her child's development and progress. Finding her "at-risk" in the areas of social-emotional and motor development, Royalty was referred by CCF staff to Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) for a full evaluation. Referrals for other support services were also made. Though both Royalty and Lawanda have now graduated from the program, they continue to be in touch with CCF staff to receive support from us. When asked about the impact CCF has had on her and her child's life, Lawanda said that she was thrilled at the progress that Royalty has made and expressed her appreciation to CCF for everything we had done. "I really want to thank you," she said. "To open her up more and see that she's more friendly and active with other kids and adults... people like you are one in a million and the program was great for both me and Royalty."